The Great Dust Bowl & Anticipating Uncertainty (lesson plan)

Objectives Explore a historic example of US agro-ecological system collapse. Consider appropriate prevention measures to protect from similar future events. Required Readings McLeman, R. A., Dupre, J., Ford, L. B., Ford, J., Gajewski, K., & Marchildon, G. (2014). What we learned from the Dust Bowl: lessons in science, policy, and adaptation. Population and Environment, 35(4), 417-440. History Brief: … Continue reading The Great Dust Bowl & Anticipating Uncertainty (lesson plan)

Past, Present, & Future Food (lesson plan)

I've been debating posting my lesson plans for class here. However, I know that I frequently search the internet for materials to modify for my classroom. This is an experiment; both posting it here and my lecture videos. Depending on reactions, here is the first post. This topic comes from my anthropology course, Changing Climate, … Continue reading Past, Present, & Future Food (lesson plan)